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How can I help you? This is my value.

    1. Time efficiency. Don’t spend two days out of the week calling lender after lender to get quotes from people you don’t trust. 
    2. Transparency. Given that I’m not obligated to just one funding option (like banks), I’m truly able to consult investors with their best interest in mind.
    3. Knowledge. My point of contact at each lender I work with keeps me informed with their up to date underwriting procedure, closing costs and occasional special promotions.
    4. Deal Structure. Every investor has different strategies and needs, every situation is different. Whether it’s leverage, origination points, loan terms, DSCR, etc.. I accommodate to your needs while giving my advice. 
    5. Speed. The combination of my knowledge about the topics mentioned above, and my connections (lenders), I am able to work rather fast regardless of the scenario.
    6. Priority. A one on one experience. My main objective is to become an essential member of your investment team for years to come. That can only be achieved by consistently doing two things: providing good service and getting the job done. 

Arthur Cordoves is the co-founder of Apex Capital Solutions, a respected private and hard money brokerage firm. Based on the real life experiences of our founders, we understand the importance of an investor having a solid team, especially if there’s plans to scale. Finding the deal is only the first half of the challenge, finding the proper funding is the second and it can be equally as difficult. We identified three key insights that separated the wealthiest clients from the rest. Our goal of streamlining the funding process and sharing these insights would lead to the founding of Apex Capital Solutions.

Private/Hard money are powerful tools every real estate investor needs

    1. Market is competitive and we need a fast closing
    2. You are a Fix&Flip (value-add) investor
    3. You have scaled and exhausted all your traditional financing options
    4. For investor savvy reasons, you want your properties under your entity


Consider adding me to your investment team.


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